We are excited and honoured to host the second visit of our teacher Sharathji to Spain, next September. On their first visit, in 2018, practitioners from all over the world attended our city in a mythical community meeting that was engraved in the hearts of hundreds of people… and this year we are going to put all our enthusiasm and energy into facilitating another great meeting.

Course content:

For Primary series practitioners: 6 led primary series classes.

For Second series practitioners: 3 led primary series classes and 3 led second series classes.

A conference for all participants which includes a Q&A session.

All attendees need to know the sequence of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. If you have never practised this discipline, this workshop is not suitable for you.


1st series: the minimum practice you have to know to attend these classes is the standing poses sequence.


2nd series: You can only participate on it if you have been taught by an authorised or certified teacher to perform Eka Pada Sirsasana


1-6 Septiembre 2023.


Friday 1st/Sep

07.00 a.m. Primary series led class


Saturday 2nd/Sep

07.00 a.m. Primary series led class

08.40 to 10.00 Second series led class

16.30 to 18.30 Conference


Sunday 3rd/Sep

07.00 a.m. Primary series led class

08.40 to 10.00 Second series led class


Monday 4th/Sep

07.00 a.m. Primary series led class

08.40 a 10.00 Second series led class


Tuesday 5th/Sep

07.00 a.m. Primary series led class


Wednesday 6th/Sep

07.00 a.m. Primary series led class


Polideportivo San Agustin
C/ del Padre Damián 18.

📍 How to get there

Public transport & Parking options:

Metro: Santiago Bernabéu (line 10) or Cuzco (line) 6-minute walk to the venue.
Concha Espina (line 9) or Colombia (line 8 and 9) 15-minute walk to the venue.


Bus lines: 27, 40, 126, 147, 150


Public car park 24 hours: Garaje O’Donnell (Calle del Padre Damián, 36) or Eurobuilding Hotel car park (Calle del Padre Damián, 23)


Street parking involves paying by parking meter from 9am onwards and is time limited. The limitation varies according to the demand and other factors, so it is necessary to check at the parking meter.

Price and conditions:


Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email that you will need to show at the entrance of the venue together with your ID or passport to confirm your identity please.


Please bear in mind that there will be no refunds under any circumstances. This is an international event, and the organisation cannot be held responsible for individual circumstances.


You can sell your ticket to another participant, but you must notify the change by email to:, no later than 24 hours prior to the first day of the workshop confirming the personal details of the person who will attend it to grant him/her access to it.


Any email asking for a refund will not receive any response.


By purchasing your ticket to the event, you give the organisation permission to take pictures and record the event and to publish them.


– Be on time, bring your yoga mat and everything you need for your practice.

– We do not have yoga mats, towels, spray, or water that you could use.

– Show your access card every morning upon arrival.

– Access to the shala is only granted for participants.

– Please take off your shoes before entering the practice area.

– Put your mat on the floor and your personal belongings following the instructions of the assistants.

– Keep the floor free of every object that is not necessary for your practice.

– Sharathji reserves his right to stop anyone who does not perform an asana correctly (*). Please be respectful when this happens.

(*) Typically, Sharathji allows to finish the whole Primary series led class to the majority of the participants, however, it is recommended to stop at the last asana that you can perform and wait until he encourages you to continue, which he usually does.

The second series led class is more demanding. You can only participate on it if you have been taught by an authorised or certified teacher to perform Eka Pada Sirsasana and please bear in mind that Sharathji might stop you if:

  1. You cannot bind in Pasasana
  2. You cannot catch your heels in Kapotasana
  3. You cannot jump to Bakasana B without touching the floor
  4. You cannot hold your leg behind your head without helping yourself with your own hands in Eka Pada Sirsasana
  5. You cannot hold your legs behind your head in Dwi Pada Sirsasana or in Yoga Nidrasana
  6. You cannot bind in Titibasana


Sharath Jois, or known by his students as Sharathji, is an example for us; therefore, we are honoured and pleased to organise his second encounter with the practitioners of our country and our city, Madrid.


We could give a lot of information about him; share a detailed biography about his career and his enormous experience, both as a practitioner and as a teacher of this most valuable and necessary discipline. Most practitioners of this community know how deep his engagement has always been and continues being with his own daily practise (the most advanced practise in the world, learnt directly from his teacher during more than two decades), and with its accurate transfer. Moreover, Sharathji has been during his whole life a yogi, loyal to his own evolution and to the one acquired from his teacher to maintain this tradition alive, in the same way as many previous teachers did. For this reason, he received the honourable title of PARAMAGURU (representative of the lineage) of Ashtanga yoga.


However, it is not about how advanced his asana practise is; how famous he is in the yoga world, or the reputation that he has obtained as a yoga teacher over the years, what made us chose him as our teacher. It is the fact of giving day after day the right example, what made us call him our Guru.


It is really inspiring to see Sharathji arrive at the shala in Mysore, every morning at 4 a.m. Over the 22 years that we have been travelling to Mysore to learn from him, he has never skipped one class… We have seen him arrive tired, exhausted, with deep dark circles, ill, coughing, with a mask to avoid infecting his students, limping, with clear gestures of pain while putting his hands on his back and at the same time assisting his students. But he ALWAYS attends his classes. And he stays until the last student leaves. Sometimes his teaching hours exceed the most demanding working hours that we have in the West, but on top of that, his work is physical and, in some cases, even harder mentally. Even then, his sense of duty and engagement with the practice has always been his priority. This is exactly what we understand by “giving the right example”. Nowadays, the world is full of posers, who show off exaggerated merits that they often don’t even have. In times of followers, of exhibition and of fame without merits, his example of daily effort, constant dedication, day after day, is for us the guarantee of authenticity.


Sharathji is a complex and complete yoga guru. He is complex because he has been immersed during many years in the subtleties of the practice without disconnecting himself from the material world, to which he belongs and which he approaches from a, in our opinion, virtuous and balanced place. He is not enlightened. He has not gone beyond our daily reality. But in the way he relates to it, he shows many yogic qualities to which we aim when we practise yoga, as a technique to achieve the highest levels of consciousness. We have seen him in good and bad moments, facing success and adversity. But these terms did not correspond to his attitude towards these conditions. We admire and aspire to his capacity for equanimity, to defend and realise what he believes, no matter what the consequences are. To keep calm when life is being good as well as when darkness comes. His inner strength seems to grow every year, and that is what makes us rely on him.


He is also known as a complete Guru because he has known two realities. We consider that this is exactly what makes him one of the most qualified yoga teachers to teach Western students. On one hand, he learnt from a very traditional perspective, from a very “Indian Guru” approach. This tradition, this lineage that he represents has impacted his mindset and his way of teaching and his own presence can either scare or touch people. On the other hand, since he was very young, he has been exposed to the Western world. He shared his practice and free time with his grandfather’s students, whom he joined at a very young age on his tours in the West. He learned from a very young age from both cultures and mindsets. Therefore, we feel that he has a deep and correct understanding of the Western mindset and society. This is also reflected in his way of teaching, which results in a clear benefit for all of us.


He is a teacher who represents the purest tradition, but who also lives in our modern world; the material world in which we all live, with all its difficulties. He is a husband and a father of a family, a family for which he lives and works, as many of us do. An adorable family who supports him and demonstrates many of the yogic values. His wife Shruthi is extremely kind and generous, always with a smile on her face, always interested in how you feel, and is a fantastic host who never lets you leave without a nice chat with coffee. His son and daughter are funny and affectionate kids, and you do not need to spend too much time with them to realise how much they love their parents. They are a normal, united family, just as many of the families of his students are.


Sharath Jois is not a teacher who lives isolated from the rest of the world, but he shares with all of us the same world and the same problems and struggles, and the same fights that we all fight. He is, in summary, a very human teacher. He has strengths and weaknesses, but we firmly believe that he always has the best intention and that he teaches this practice effective and honestly. Who better than him to understand us and to guide us in this journey?


His way of teaching has little to do with his skills in Asana, which he also has, or with his large knowledge of yogic philosophy and texts. His mastery consists of something very simple. Outside the yoga shala, he continues teaching us with his example. And this happens in a natural way, because it is the result of a whole life dedicated to this practice with its transforming qualities, of which he is the best example in our opinion. This is the reason why he is our teacher. And also, for this reason we travel to India every year to continue learning from him. Therefore, we would like you all to know him. Inviting our teacher, our living example of yoga, to our home is a great privilege and a dream that comes true.


We asked Sharathji recently: “Having a shala in Mysore to which thousands of students travel each year, why do you make the effort (leaving your family, suffering jet legs, changes in diet and in temperature) to travel to other countries when you don’t need it?” His answer was: “Not all students have the chance to travel to Mysore to learn. That is why I also try to reach these places in the world, to give these students the opportunity to know me, being in contact with me for a few days and learn with the traditional teaching method. That is what my teacher did, so now it is my turn.”


We really hope that we are able to transmit to Sharathji how grateful we are for such a significant gesture.



Sharathji’s Europe tour involves other workshops with our dear friends and colleagues in London,
Copenhagen, Rome, and Stockholm. You can find the dates and other details of the rest of the
European tour at:

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